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(Note: supplies may need to be replenshed as the school year progresses)

8      Blue pens

1      Red pen for marking

10    HB pencils

1      White eraser 

1      Pkg. of 24 pencil crayons

4      Different Coloured Highlighters

6      Duotangs (Different colours)

1      Cloth Pencil case

3       Large Binders (Preference - different colours for easy identification of contents)

4       Dividers for each binder (2-3 packages)

1       200 sheets of loose leaf paper per binder

1       Pkg. of reinforcements

1       Large glue stick (35 grams)

1       Pair of scissors

2-3    Packs of Sticky Notes (variety of sizes and colours)

1       30 cm clear ruler (marked in mm and cm)

1       Pair Headphones/earbuds (preference with a microphone)

1       Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS Solar 2-Line Scientific Calculator (NO CELL PHONE)

1      Graph Paper 1 cm Metric Quad Refill Paper, 8-3/8" x 10-7/8", 100 Sheets 

2      Boxes of Kleenex (to be handed in to homeroom teacher)

1      Bescherelle, in French (green cover) For FRENCH IMMERSION STUDENTS ONLY

        (stays at home for reference)

2      Lined coil notebooks 

1     Pair of shoes (non marking, indoor, with laces)

1     Antiperspirant/deodorant for at school

1     Water bottle

 1    String bag/small bag for PE change of clothing