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Principal's Message

When people talk about Dickinsfield School, they think about our amazing track record in sports and the outstanding use of modern technology in our site. However, Dickinsfield School also has a great academics program and our students excel in their subject areas. We also have an incredible language program where over one third of our students are enrolled in French Immersion. When students come to Dickinsfield School they receive an exceptional education experience. We expect superb results from all our students and our assessments prove that students show pride in their daily achievements and accomplishments.

The learning environment of Dickinsfield school is one where students are actively engaged in their subject areas and focused on learning. Teaching staff are knowledgeable about their subjects and regularly take professional development courses to refine their skills and deepen their understanding. Teachers utilize the incredible technology in each of their classrooms daily. Each of our classrooms has Smart Board Technology and LCD projectors installed. We also have two computer labs, schoolwide wireless and a mobile laptop lab for student use in researching, developing, programming and creating digital assignments with modern perfection.

For students who require extra assistance with their class work, we support student through intervention tutorial assistance both during the day and after school. Students know they are responsible for their learning and are encouraged to ask for support or to attend Homework Club / Think Tank.

All families are encouraged to have a strong presence in Dickinsfield School and to stay actively involved in their child's education. This website has been created to show the world about our site, but School Zone is where the daily information and activities are updated. School Zone is the website where parents and students can check for daily homework, interactive assignments, exam results and the individual progress of each child. School activities and events are regularly posted, as well as fee sheets, bus schedules and library activities. Not only is this a great communication tool between families and the school, it is a way to increase achievement!

Dickinsfield school focuses on achievement, but we also have incredible school spirit and a lot of fun! Our school has amazing field trips that extend the learning opportunities for our students. Students are off to the Japanese Cultural Centre, Elk Island National Park, Telus World of Science and the Citadel to name just a few. Field trips are an important way to engage learners in a subject and to go beyond books and classrooms and find deep involvement and enjoyment in the educational experience of school. We also have planned Math Fairs, education contests and clubs such as: ski, games, yearbook, and library clubs. Dickinsfield School students take great pride in their school spirit events, many of which are organized by our incredible Leadership students. This team of students gets involved in both our school and outer school communities. They plan school dances, theme days, and special events, but they are also out shoveling sidewalks, planning Christmas luncheons and reading to the elderly. They are the driving force to the tremendous school spirit known as "Panther Pride".

"Home of the Panthers" is the sign you will see painted as you enter our gymnasium. Many a banner is also seen handing from our ceiling, the tremendous achievements our teams have excelled at. Whether you are interested in volleyball, cheer, wrestling, track or even more, we have a team that students can get involved with. The "Panther Pride" competitive spirit is also shown through our lunch time intramural program and our school workout area, providing ways for students to stay active and healthy at Dickinsfield School.

Complementary courses are diverse at Dickinsfield School. We have a wide range of CTS courses for students to choose from - construction studies, foods, computers and outdoor education. Students can also develop fine art talents through art class, drama class or band with the many new instruments recently purchased by our highly involved School Council parent group. Diversity of option classes is important as students begin to develop their future passion and interests.

Important also is our French Programming. Students at Dickinsfield School are provided dual ways to receive an outstanding French language experience. Being that we are a French Language centre, students at Dickinsfield School can take French programming through French as a Second Language (FSL), and French Immersion (FIM).  Please refer to the Program Information tab  -  Alternative Programs-Language-French Immersion for more information on these programs.

Dickinsfield School is a great community school that is a positive and enriching educational environment.  We offer a wide range of programming options depending on your child's needs and interests. Dickinsfield School provides the educational setting that succeeds in helping students acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes that will help them succeed at life as responsible citizens and to instill lifelong and independent learning. Students are personally challenged in a safe learning environment as they pursue academic excellence and "Panther Pride". We look forward to educating your child for life, to open up their full potential, and to inspire each student as they pursue excellence for themselves.

Yours in Partnership,

Karin Kincaid


Dickinsfield School


Edmonton Public Schools

One Kingsway Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 4G9
Ph. 780-429-8000

Fax. 780-429-8318

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