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  • 2018/19 Student Leadership

    2018/19 Student Leadership

    Are you interested in Student Leadership?

    There are several expectations for a student involved in leadership. Please note these expectations are for next year, as we move forward:

    • Attendance must be exemplary.  There can be no unexcused absences. 
    • Academic work  must be acceptable. If teacher concerns are sent to the office, the student may lose the leadership position. Students and teachers will always be told that there is NOTHING more important than the academic work.
    • Behaviour must be exemplary. If teacher concerns are sent to the office for misbehaviour in class,  the student may lose the leadership position.
    • Leadership participation must be excellent.  All Student Council Exec meetings must be attended, or an excused absence must be shared with the advisor.  All Student Council activities must be supported and have personal involvement and participation.
    • All student leaders must have the signed support of  their parent and at least one staff member.  
    • All student leaders will earn their positions by working NOW.  
    • The student with the most logged hours will get the first choice of position. Email Mrs. Butlin, if you would like to get an electronic copy of the Student Council Log Sheet and to be included in the Student Council Google classroom. On the log sheet, you will indicate that parent and a staff member support this endeavour. Log hours with anything and everything involved with leadership in the school and the  community. This could be clubs at school, present Student Council boards or just helping at school.  This also could working for organizations  outside of school eg. Leaders in Training, or volunteering at Dickinsfield Aux Hospital, or Cadets or any other recognized organization. All you would need is to get an advisor  to sign off for you.
    • Grade 7 students (18/19 grade 8 students)  you are invited to be a part as well.  18/19 Grade 9 students will get priority on the position, but you could be a co-chair..
    • The Student Council positions are listed in the student handbook, but here they are again for you:


    President: Bijyin

    - Organizes all communication (assemblies, morning announcements, staff presentations, public speaking,guests) meets with  Prez or Exec  team and Principal every  week, sets agenda for Exec meetings, monitors attendance, meetings of  Grade Boards, Social, Athletics, Tech, Culture,

    Vice President: Vacant

    - Assigns & monitors long lockers,  meets with  Prez or Exec  team and Principal every  week, monitors attendance, meetings of  House Boards, Service, Intramural, Peer Tutor, Store Boards

    Treasurer: Ira

    - Meets with  Prez or Exec  team and Principal every  week,monitors the $200 budget of all 15 boards, monitors the Panther Points with Secretary

    Secretary: Vacant

    - Meets with  Prez or Exec  team and Principal every  week,Responsible for all Exec & Prez minutes and emails with all exec, responsible for all written communication,  monitors the Panther Points with Treasurer

    Social Board: Chair - Hannah

    - Organizes all monthly theme events  eg October Hallow-e'en with Dance, Nov- Western Days, December Winter festival & Dance, January Beach Days, February Valentine's day & Dance , March Tropical day, April Easter activity and Spring Fling, May Touch of class

    Service Board: Chairs - Maddison & Cassandra

    - Organizes one EPSB United Way, one local eg. Stollery and sometimes a Wake-a-thon

    Athletics and Intramural Boards: Chairs - Dain & Alexis

    - Profiles all inter-school teams, eg announcement about games, competitions to increase spectators, Athlete of the Week. Organizes all lunch hour gym house sporting events

    Tech Board: Chairs - Nicole & Fiona

    - Photographer, sets up Student Council display in library and halls,  sets up all tech for assemblies, dances and any special events, supports all other

    Peer Tutor Board: Chair - Malake

    - Grade 9 students who work in the library at lucn and,if requested, in Homework club after school helping other student with core work.

    Art Board: Chairs - Noah & Anya

    House Boards: Chairs - Awaleh & Elijah



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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Student Activities

    Dickinsfield's outstanding sense of culture and excellence largely stems from the wide variety of student activities we offer.

    From school events such as student recognition assemblies and cultural celebrations, to clubs, intramurals and competitive sports teams, Dickinsfield has got it covered when it comes to building a great cultural experience for all.

    • Student Leadership Team
    • Library Club
    • Games Club
    • Drama Club
    • Intramurals
    • Anime Club
    • Next Gen Men/Girls Empowered and Strong
    • GSA
    • Computer Club
    • Dickinsfield News

    Special Events

    • Grade Seven Welcome Day
    • Terry Fox Run
    • School Recognition Assemblies & Apple Days
    • Battle of the Panthers
    • Cultural Celebration Day
    • Career Presentations
    • Activity days
    • Grade Nine Farewell Celebration
    • Seasonal Celebrations
    • School Wide Dances and activities rooms
    • Various fundraising initiatives

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    At Ecole Dickinsfield School we are committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement in order to improve achievement. Through a strong collaborative framework, teacher capacity is developed through learning and working collectively with colleagues to create authentic lesson plans, engaging projects and meaningful assessments. Teachers work in subject teams to analyze and critically understand the essential learning outcomes of the curriculum. These key concepts are utilized when planning lessons or assessments which are used to gather evidence about how students are achieving in relation to the curriculum. Students learn from their assessments as a strategy in the learning process. Interventions are implemented for students at risk through a committed team approach of teachers, parents and students working cooperatively. Decisions are made with the best interests of students in mind and collectively involve the Dickinsfield community of parents, students and teachers.

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  • Inter School Athletics

    Inter School Athletics

    At Ecole Dickinsfield School we offer all of our students a variety of Inter School Athletics for all grades such as:

    • Outdoor Soccer
    • Indoor Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Wrestling 
    • Slow Pitch
    • Badmington
    • Cross Country Racing
    • Track and Field
    • Cheerleading

    If a less competitive athletic activity is more desirable, we offer lunch time intramurals to all students, such as:

    • Dodgeball
    • Floor Hockey
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Badmington

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    French Immersion provides students with opportunities to acquire and maintain language skills in French and English.


    • Develop language and literacy skills in French and English, and use both to communicate
    • Learn about French culture, traditions and celebrations


    • Proficiency  in English and French
    • Improved academic achievement
    • Improved communication skills in a student’s first language
    • Knowledge and appreciation of different cultures
    • International language certification opportunities 

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Principal's Message



C’est mon grand plaisir de vous donner le bienvenue a notre école. I am thrilled to welcome you to our school. We are the Home of the Panthers, les Pantheres. We are very courageous, brave, strong, and intelligent.  This is exemplified in our excellent Student Leadership program, our academics and our athletics.  At our school, we emphasize COMMUNITY, CAREER, and RESPONSIBILITY.  We take time to get to know each other, to work with each other, and to listen to one another.  We take time to do our best in our studies.  You, of course, know of our namesake PUNCH DICKINS - the famous World War I pilot and Canadian northern bush pilolt!  If you don’t, please come by and we will share the philosophy of PUNCH, DICKINS and the snow EAGLE!!

The staff at our school invite you to take full advantage of the Dickinsfield DIFFERENCE where the learning experience is enjoyable and stimulating, and where everyone is valued for their special gifts.

The Dickinsfield DIFFERENCE will allow you to experience:

  • core subject instruction where we are making great strides to exceed district and provincial averages in both the English and French Immersion programs.
  • a Fine Arts program that truly engenders a love of the visual and the performing arts;
  • a broad spectrum of athletic opportunities embracing all junior high team and intramural sports;
  • a wide variety of activities in Career and Technology Foundations;
  • an extensive student leadership program where students have the opportunity to make decisions in the school and to prepare for their leadership role in the future;
  • a number of other exciting options  that allow students to explore the world beyond their curriculum and beyond the school, and
  • a sense of belonging, as students participate in a strong intramural program based upon a cross-grade house system.

The Panther Path to academic, athletic, artistic, technological, and societal excellence will allow you to experience a school that has a safe andcaring environment, within which we will all be challenged to do our very best.  You, the student, will be expected and be assisted to become responsible, active participants in your own learning.

A ceux qui parlent français, j’attends avec impatience le commencement de la nouvelle année. Préparez-vous d’être prêt pour l’école et prêt pour apprendre.  Bienvenue à la DIFFÉRENCE de DICKINSFIELD.

Yours truly et sincèrement,

M. R.  Butlin         K. Proudfoot




Come join us at our open house on Thursday March 7, 2019 from 5:30pm until 8pm.

Highlights of the night:

Cogito Presentation @ 6pm in the library

Trips and Exchanges @ 6:30pm in the library

Continuing FIMM @ 7pm in the library


Supply List 2018/2019





8   HB Pencils(Note: you may need more as the school year progresses)

8   Blue pens (Note: you may need more as the school year progresses)

1   Red pen (Note: you may need more as the school year progresses)

2   White erasers

4   Highlighters of different colors

1   Pencil Sharpener

1   Pencil case (cloth preferred - boxes pop open & spill their contents easily)

1   Large glue stick (35 grams)

1   Scissors

2   Coil lined notebook for math and language arts

8   Duotangs (Different colours)

3   Large Binders (Preference - different colours for easy identification of contents)

4   Dividers for each binder (2-3 packages)

1   Pkg. of reinforcements

2   Pkg. of 400 sheets of loose leaf paper (100 sheets per academic subject)

1   Pkg. Graph Paper (For grade 8 and 9 students)

1   Good Geometry set (must have a protractor)

130 cm clear ruler (marked in mm and cm)

1   Scientific Calculator Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS solar powered. Note: that phones cannot be used for PATs

1   Headphones or earbuds (preference for one with a microphone)

1   Package Pencil Crayons

2   Boxes of Kleenex (to be handed in to advisor teacher)

1   Bescherelle, in French (green cover) For FRENCH IMMERSION STUDENTS


Physical Education

  • Change of clothes for PE – shorts/sweats, T-shirt, a pair of runners and a small bag to hold the clothing

  • Stick deodorant

  • Lock for PE locker


  • School Agenda/Day planner (school provides the first planner at no charge).

  • All subsequent school planners are $6.00 each.


  • First lock is provided by school at no cost. Loaned/returned at the end of the school year. If lost or damaged the replacement cost will be $6.00.


Note: Students are expected to replenish their supplies as needed throughout the year. In addition, other additional supplies may be required by individual teachers.