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Parent Groups

Dickinsfield Parent Council and its supporting Parent Association are made up of parents who volunteer their time, energy and ideas towards making the school our children attend a successful and supportive environment of learning.

As Junior High students, our children are expanding their boundaries and taking on more responsibility for their own work and experience at school. With pride we celebrate the confident hands on attitude and growth of our youth, but it leaves us with the question of how we the parents can remain involved in the learning of our students. This is where the Dickinsfield Parent Council and Dickinsfield Parent Association get you the parent involved.

The Parent Council is the avenue through which the parents hear from our administration about school specific and general education matters. We experience the passion they possess in implementing the practices that make learning a positive experience at Dickinsfield. For us as parents, knowing the school's focus enables us to become a part of the team of learning surrounding our children. It is our belief that continued involvement from parents at the Junior High level of learning plays an important roll in the overall success of our students.

While the school is responsible for the daily education of our students and all that fits into the guidelines of learning, it is our Dickinsfield Parent Association that gets to step outside of those guidelines and provide enhancements to our children's learning. We are the fundraising arm of the Council and as parents involved in the Association we have a voice in what "extras" we feel would add to the learning atmosphere in the school. As parents we are proud of what our Parent Association has provided for the school out of past and present funds.

We have subsidized field trips and transportation, contributed generously to the Band program, and continue our support of the sport teams with the purchase of uniforms and covering costs of team travel and tournament fees. We have purchased microscopes, cameras and projectors. We have hosted alcohol and drug awareness presentations, Cultural presentations and bussing has been provided for French trips. We have supported literacy in our own school library and are supportive of the city wide Literacy and Learning Day in Edmonton. Our input into the technology in the school has been impressive and we are proud to boast Smart Boards in every classroom! The versatility, interaction and fun involved with learning have made these Smart Boards an amazing addition to Dickinsfield. We are also proud of the 3 carts of new chromebooks . Technology is a part of our children's future and we as a Parent Association support those futures.

Our time, energy and effort is an investment in our children's education. There is a diversity of learning surrounding our children daily. As parents we would like to see that same diversity around our Council table. It is important to know that as a parent of a student at Dickinsfield you are all Council members and are welcome and encouraged to become a part of our monthly meetings.

Let us continue the success of Dickinsfield and strive for the highest standard.

For more information on how you can become involved, please contact the school.