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French Immersion

Continue French Immersion

French Immersion students are taught in French 100 per cent of the time. Learning in French gradually decreases as they progress through the grades. Students have the opportunity to achieve international language certification and recognition upon graduation.

École Dickinsfield School offers alternative languages programming to Continuing French Immersion students. Continuing French Immersion students are those who have been in French Immersion since Kindergarten or grade 1.

Continuing French Immersion students make up more than 1/3 of École Dickinsfield School’s population. While studying all of the traditional core subjects in French, all French Immersion students participate in option and Physical Education classes with students in the English program. 

Continuing French Immersion students at École Dickinsfield School have many opportunities to learn the French language and culture. A student starting in grade 7 will attend a French Immersion camp in grade 7, and could participate in an out of province exchange (usually Quebec) in grade 8 and a tour through France in grade 9. International accreditation along with academically challenging instruction in a culturally rich environment makes this a rewarding program.‌

EPSB French Immersion Program Description