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Strategies Program - Strategies programming supports students with learning disabilities whose intelligence is measured as average to above average and who have significant academic delays. Learning disabilities are complex and can vary from person to person, requiring flexible instruction that meets each student’s unique needs. Here is a link to provide more information Strategies Program

Behaviour and Learning Assistance Program - Behaviour and Learning Assistance (BLA) programming supports students displaying chronic, extreme, and pervasive behaviours. Students require close and constant adult supervision and a high level of structure to function in an educational setting. Here is a link to provide more information on our Behaviour and Learning Assistance Program 

Literacy Program -Literacy is more than just knowing how to read and write—it’s about making sense of the information you see. For students requiring academic support, Literacy programming helps them develop the skills and abilities to achieve in all subject areas. Here is a link to provide more information on our Literacy Program