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20 HB pencils (Note: you may need more as the school year progresses)

2 White erasers

1 Pkg. of pencil crayons

4 Different coloured highlighters

1 Pencil case

2 Large binders

1 200 sheets of loose-leaf paper per binder

1 Pair headphones/earbuds

Scientific Calculator TI-30XIIS Solar 2-Line

2 Boxes of Kleenes (to be handed to homeroom teacher)

1 Pair of running shoes (non-marking, indoor, with laces)

1 Antiperspirant/deodorant for at school

1 Water bottle

Appropriate clothes for gym class

Ballpoint pens (red and blue)



8 Blue pens

1 Red pen for marking

30 cm ruler (marked in mm and cm)

Bescherelle, in French (green cover) FRENCH IMMERSION STUDENTS ONLY (stay at home reference)

Please remember that this is a suggested list only. Teachers may have specific requests once classes start. All students are asked to bring their supplies on the first day of regular school.

Required fees:

Complementary classes also have specific fees to cover the cost of supplies and materials.

Fees can be paid on SchoolZone (no cheques).