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Regular Program

The regular program at Dickinsfield School provides instruction that follows the mandated Alberta curriculum. Each school in Edmonton Public Schools complements the teaching of the curriculum differently, based on the needs of their students and input from parents.

Complementary Courses
In addition to Core Courses that are required by Alberta Education, there are a variety of exciting and interactive Complementary Courses that we offer at Dickinsfield. Our complementary courses are either Full Year or Semestered. These courses vary in availability depending on grade and number of students in each class. Students can choose from:

  • Band
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Outdoor Education
  • Foods and Fashion
  • Computer Studies
  • Building and Construction
  • Extra PE - Soccer
  • Guitar

Below you will find the Option Selection Sheets.  Please click on the appropriate Option form and select your Options in order of preference.  Once you have done this, please hand it in the main office.


Grade 7 Options

Grade 8 Options

Grade 9 Options‌